Mobb Mountain - Fort Collins, Colorado Whiskey

Mobb Rye:


This is the one that started it all. A few years of hard work and long nights culminated in a unique bottle in the world of Rye Whiskey. Mobb Rye begins it’s life with 100% malted rye grain, mashed, in the style of craft brewers, right here in Fort Collins. A hybrid American Single Malt Scotch yeast gives interesting esters of banana and clove, the mash itself reminiscent of a black tea. Double distilled on Arlene, Mobb Mountain’s pot still, brings tradition and bold flavor to this Whiskey. Mobb Rye is aged on a toasted oak, rather than a char, bringing along notes of nut and grain, preserving the cereal flavor of the rye malt. This Whiskey has forward flavors of nut, smoke, clove, pepper and some floral accents, while the finish brings smooth tones of pecan and mellow oak. A full bodied spirit from nose to tail, Mobb Rye is best sipped, or built into a bold, simple cocktail. We’re always pouring and tasting, feel free to swing on by and take some with. Equally at home at the campfire, the river, your backyard of your comfiest chair.


Mobb Gin:


An intriguing twist on a nearly forgotten tradition. Mobb Gin is made in the spirit and style of Genever, a precursor to classic dry gin and a native spirit of Holland. Mobb Gin is as far from London Dry as one could imagine, forgoing a neutral vodka-style base for a malty backbone of 100% rye. Crafted at the beginning similar to our Rye, our Gin is distilled three times, introducing botanicals on the second and third distillation. Spruce tips, coriander, and local hops begin the botanical bouquet, while grapefruit peel, and of course, juniper are added last. This layering of botanical lends itself to mild and subtle sweetness from the spruce. An underlying presence of juniper is detected start to finish. The main body of the spirit is made earthy and round by hops and coriander, while a slight tartness of grapefruit brings in the finish. Mobb Gin allows the drinker to innovate and inspire, blending flavor profiles of whiskey and gin. Come by the distillery for a cocktail, or a bottle to take home and try your own hand.